The Board of Directors is comprised of ten elected members and five elected officers Representation on the Board reflects the following: One (1) University representative from each of three regions, two (2) community college representatives from each of three regions, and one (1) representative of private postsecondary education. Officers may be elected from within any region without regard to prior composition of the Board.

The President, President Elect, and Immediate Past President serve one-year terms. Treasurer, Secretary and other members of the Board serve in staggered terms of three years.

AzPAC Board of Directors

  • Northern Arizona University: Jamie Axelrod
  • University of Arizona: Vacant
  • Arizona State University: Cindy Jepsen
  • Yavapai Community College: Robb Ferguson
  • Pima Community College: Kyle Mutz
  • University of Phoenix: Cara Lind
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: Jack Clevenger